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Brent & Warburton 

Manufacturing Division

Supporting Australian industry for over 100 years.

5R Case Studdies

Brent & Warburton has opperated a machining and fabrication workshop for over 100 years. 

Over this time we have gathered an unrivaled wealth of knowledge and capability in OEM manufacturing and jobbing. 

Our highly skilled team are charged with ensuring all our work is completed to the highest of standards.  Servicing:









Our teams are charged with the task of reducing resources. Reducing job time and reducing risk. our highly skilled team can work to any standard and engage with improvments that will help you save money. 

5R's Initiative


Frequently we are asked if we can remanufacture a part for heavy industry and agriculture. Our first step is to investigate the repair. More often than not our team can formulate a repair plan that saves our customers time and considerable cost without compromising the equipment. 


Because of our diverse exposure to a variety of jobs we try to maximise the use of all parts. Refurbishment and a great repair and recycling process means we can reduce unecessary waste and cost. 



Unfortunately we can't fix and reuse everything. So when we decomission we aim to strip and recycle as much of the equipment as possible. Reducing the environmental impact of our industry. Anything we can't recycle is always disposed of ethically. 


Our aim is to make things better. Collaboration with our customers, our suppliers and internally allows us to always be innovating better solutions to all problems.


Our turning capabilities include:
  • Material: Most metals, alloys and plastics.

  • Diameter: all sizes less than 2.5m

  • Length: all sizes less than 5m

  • Equipment: Combination of 20 CNC and manual machines. 

At Brent & Warburton we have a long history of working with our customers to find innovative ways of reducing costs and maximising results contact us today to find out how we can help.

Our Milling capabilities include:
  • Material:Most metals, alloys and plastics.

  • Width: all sizes less than 3m+

  • Length: all sizes less than 10m

  • Height: 2.5m

  • Equipment: Combination of 10 CNC and manual machines. 

To find out how we can help you streamline your milling costs contact us now.



Our fitting capabilities:

Our fitting teams are highly skilled in both off-site overhaul and on-site repairs and maintenance. Equipped with remote welding and lifting capabilities and all on-site requirements our fitters can keep you up and running.

Our fabrication capabilities:

Extend to repetative or project works up to 10 Tonne. Our fabrication division specialises in niche projects and is supported by our highly experienced team of fitters and machinists. Our fabrication capacity covers unique material requirements and specifications. Talk to us to find out how we can help on your project.

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