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Broken Tap Removal

Broken tap.

Most of us have experienced tapping a hole by hand and thinking that the tap was feeling a bit tight when... snap! The tap breaks off in the job. What do you do now?

  • Try and unscrew the tap with a pick or hammer and centre punch

  • Use a hard cut drill to drill out the tap

  • Wire EDM for through holes

  • EDM for blind holes

  • Spark eroder

The best balance of reliability and convenience is a portable spark erosion machine which can be setup on the job.

Removed tap.

The spark erosion machine can be taken to the job and setup on the job to remove the broken tap. Unlike EDM machines it doesn't matter if the job is too big because the machine is mounted on the job to remove the broken tap.

Next time you break a tap in a job, count to ten and after the frustration subsides give us a call. We can remove the broken tap for you with our portable spark erosion machine.

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